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Aleksandr Karjaka

Aleksandr Karjaka

"[S]oprano Amanda DeBoer in “Himmelfahrt,” sounding truly like an angel, joyful and terrifying."    


Zachary Woolfe, New York Times




"Amanda DeBoer Bartlett brought her rainwater-fresh soprano to the medieval songs"

- Jon von Rhein, Chicago Tribune

"In the dual role of Molly and Anne, Amanda DeBoer Bartlett was a high-energy dervish of theatrical presence, fizzy and fearless."

- Matthew Guerrieri, Boston Globe


"[A]n astonishing display of vocal nimbleness"  


- David Allen, New York Times



"Hitting the high Cs...will be soprano Amanda DeBoer Bartlett. An Omaha native, she recently returned home after launching a career that found her floodlit on stages across three continents."  


 - David Williams, The Encounter (Omaha, NE)





"DeBoer clearly demonstrated that she is not afraid of a challenge."

"The young soprano tossed off, seemingly effortlessly, a pair of the most challenging modern works for unaccompanied voice..."   


- Jan Jezioro, Artvoice (Buffalo, NY)





"Amanda DeBoer deployed her expressive voice like a painter with an inexhaustible palette."  


 - Wynne Delacoma, Chicago Classical Review





"As the saint and her Immortal Soul (sung impressively by Amanda DeBoer) were gasping their way through a final indignity, the police were at the door deciding that this performance would be the last."      


 - Deanna Isaacs, Chicago Reader

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