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Projects and Ensembles:

Amanda DeBoer Bartlett is an advocate for contemporary classical music as a performer, commissioner and presenter. She is the co-founder of two ensembles and a contemporary music festival, and is a soprano with internationally acclaimed Ensemble Dal Niente. 

Ensemble Dal Niente

Ensemble Dal Niente is a Chicago-based contemporary music collective founded in 2006 that presents and performs new music in ways that redefine the listening experience and advance the art form. The programming, brought to life by a flexible repertoire-based instrumentation, seeks to challenge convention and create engaging, inspiring, and immersive experiences which connect audiences with the music of today.

Omaha Under the Radar

Amanda DeBoer Bartlett is a co-founder of Omaha Under the Radar, launched in 2014, which encourages programming in the areas of contemporary classical music, experimental music, modern dance, Avant-garde theatre, and improvisation in multiple genres.

Photo by Karjaka Studios

Founded in 2010, Quince Ensemble is a treble voice ensemble that specializes in the music of living composers.  Recently described as "The Anonymous Four of new music" by Opera News, Quince continually pushes the boundaries of traditional vocal ensemble literature.



Photo by Karjaka Studios

Hasco Duo is an experimental voice and guitar duo that uses improvising systems and other compositional practices to develop a unique body of original work. They have collaborative with on a variety of interdisciplinary projects, including creating original film scores, music for dancers, and music to accompany Magic the Gathering events.

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